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Certification Programs

Energy Star Certified

Energy Star Certified

The Energy Star program for members of the hospitality industry helps facility managers compare the energy efficiency of their buildings with similar facilities, provides “guidelines for superior energy management built on the practices of industry leaders,” and helps managers find resources for making cost-effective improvements.

Criteria for Certification

Rate the performance of your buildings on a scale of 1-100 relative to similar buildings nationwide using EPA's national energy performance rating system. The rating system accounts for the impacts of year-to-year weather variations, as well as building size, location, and several operating characteristics. Buildings rating 75 or higher and professionally verified to meet current indoor environment standards are eligible to apply for the ENERGY STAR.

Certification Process

A Professional Engineer must verify the Statement of Energy Performance(stamped/embossed and signed) that each of the indoor environment criteria requirements has been met. This Professional Engineer must be licensed in the state where the building is located.

The Energy Star label is awarded for a specific year. A building that has earned the ENERGY STAR becomes eligible to reapply annually.

There are no fees paid to the EPA.

Certified Hotels:

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