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CNBC European Business Top 100 Low Carbon Pioneer

CNBC European Business Top 100 Low Carbon PioneerA year ago when we produced our first low-carbon pioneers list, it was with an air of experimentation, if not trepidation. Yet in the face of a defining, single problem with manifold solutions – climate change - we perceived an enormous opportunity for corporations and start-ups alike. We said then: “The research for our list convinced us that we are in the early stages of an emerging market of vast scope and future. The scale and intricacies cannot yet be imagined but whether viewed in terms of geography or sector, it will certainly surpass all previous emerging markets. In fact, it may have to.” A year on this prophecy is in full flood and the landscape has changed a great deal. First, the UN climate change panel has delivered its tripartite report, confirming the high likelihood that climate change is caused by humans, and that it is progressing at an alarming rate.

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