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Travel green. Help save the planet. Easy.
Thursday, May 12th, 2011

Sustainable Travel

Sustainable travel means green airlines and green rental cars. Any mode of transportation that uses Earth friendly measures is considered to be an environmentally friendly business. A green airline could use less jet fuel with a specially designed converter. In addition, the attendants could participate in recycling the bottles, paper and aluminum cans from the flight once they are back on the ground.

Traveling Green

If a family vehicle is not eco-friendly, they could rent an electric car to save money on gasoline and cut out the carbon footprint they leave behind from their gas-guzzling automobile. There are many electric 'filling-stations' mapped out on the Internet to help plan a sustainable trip.

Before heading out on a road trip, a family could plan their path through the web, looking for green hotels and eco-friendly dining options. This will insure their trip is a true sustainable travel experience and the family is contributing to saving the planet, not destroying it.

Travel Packages

If the airline doesn't have fuel saving technology, it's alright. A family could still plan an eco-friendly trip. Simply booking the most direct flights to their destination; this will save on fuel, making the voyage a sustainable travel trip. Having to land and start again uses enormous amounts of fuel. By booking a direct flight, excess fuel is saved.

Many green hotels will bundle their services with airlines or trains so a traveler will save time, money and help conserve energy. When travelers use planes or trains, this means they are not using an individual automobile. Taking one more vehicle off the road reduces the toxins and polluting gases released into the air. A sustainable travel experience involves roaming the earth with others and not alone in a single car.

There are also cruise ships that offer sustainable travel trips to places that are environmentally friendly and practice different ways to help preserve the Earth's natural chemistry. Some of these ships may take groups into underdeveloped countries so they can teach them things that will help them preserve their part of the Earth. The teachings might include composting and reusing what they have instead of throwing it out. There may be a way to incorporate a simple recycling system of bottles and jars.

Travel Ideas Many families cannot afford the high cost of gasoline and are looking to find sustainable travel ideas close to home. There are many places that will allow the family to be together and have fun without breaking the bank. Some cities are not far from country farmers that allow fruit picking. This is a fun day to spend with the kids and there is something to bring home for dessert or anytime as a healthy snack. Sustainable travel ideas are all around. People need to think before they plan and purchase tickets or gas-up their automobile for destinations that may not offer sustainable travel. A little homework beforehand helps save lots of the Earth's beauty for generations to come and their sustainable travel trips.

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