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Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Seattle Green Hotel

You spend your days separating recyclables. You buy earth friendly products when they are available. Now its time for your annual vacation and your mind starts to wonder "is there any eco-friendly lodging available" or "Is there a Seattle Green Hotel?" A green hotel is defined as; "environmentally-friendly properties whose managers are eager to institute programs that save water, save energy and reduce solid waste - while saving money - to help PROTECT OUR ONE AND ONLY EARTH!

If you are looking for a Seattle Green Hotel; there are several hotel chains that have made it their goal to make all the necessary changes to be defined as "green". Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure; if you live a green lifestyle you prefer to stay where they use of the same habits as you do. Such as:

- Fluorescent light bulbs
- Linen cards
- Lights-out cards
- Motion sensors for rooms not often used
- Water-saving equipment
- Recycling
- Eco-friendly toiletries

I am sure you are asking yourself how eco friendly toiletries can make a difference in the environment. What you may not know is that these amenities can be not only wasteful, but very toxic as well. For some reason the distributors use an obscene amount of packaging for not a lot of product. Also most hotels give an abundance of products which most patrons will partially use and throw the rest away.

So the question is still "How do I find an eco-friendly hotel" like a Seattle Green Hotel? How do you know if their efforts are actually paying off? is an excellent reference to begin with. Also you can look at a hotels website and read through some of the testimonials. Naturally you will never truly be sure of how well your stay will be until you actually experience it.

The best way to find a hotel that has done what they need to in order to be called green is for them to be registered with the Green Hotels Association; such as a Seattle Green Hotel. This is a listing of all hotels in the United States that have gone green. There is also a listing of vendors that are green. So be realistic with your budget and needs as far as lodging. And remember that it is your vacation/business trip, so it is ultimately up to you to be confident in your decision on where you will lay your head.

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