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Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Phoenix Green Travel

Green travel is becoming popular among ecologically-conscious travelers, and going camping or hiking is a great way to spend a vacation without leaving a huge carbon footprint. Green travel in a big city is a little harder – the idea behind green travel in the city is not being 100% green – even turning to more ecological travel options such as buses or trains will still contribute to pollution, but a traveler can still find a great way to enjoy a major metropolis without having to feel guilty.

Bicycles – The Alternative Tour Bus

According to the Phoenix Transit Authority, a “full eight-car CTA train replaces more than 600 cars, and a full 60-foot articulated CTA bus replaces more than 70 cars.” Taking public transportation is a greener way of travel, but if a traveler is interested in a creative way of green travel, a bike tour might be a good option. Large cities have companies that provide bicycles for customers and taking a bike tour is a good way to see parts of the city up close. In a city like London, known for its history, a bike tour is a great option for green travel, because a holiday-maker can see monuments like Westminster Abbey or the Houses of Parliament, and enjoy the healthful and ecological benefits of biking. Tours usually allow for breaks, and not only can a traveler get a great day of sight-seeing, but she also can feel the satisfaction of participating in an ecologically-friendly activity.

Walking Tours

A bike tour is a great form of green travel, but another way a traveler can enjoy a large city is by taking a walking tour. Cities are known for their architecture and major cities have companies that offer walking tours – a guide will march throughout the streets with her charges, pointing out important architectural landmarks of the city. As with the bike tours, a lot of these walking tours are offered in different languages, and like with bike tours, walking throughout historical districts of the city offer tourists an up-close opportunity to visit stops on the tours.

Science Museums and Zoos – Making a Vacation a Learning Experience

Green travel doesn’t only mean using ecologically-friendly ways of getting around. For the ecologically-conscious traveler, green travel also means learning about the environment, whether that means going to the zoo or going to a science museum. The California Science Center in Los Angeles features an exhibit called Ecosystems, with features such as L.A. Zone, which shows how pollution makes an impact on natural settings. The Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago not only gives tourists a chance to see animals like rhinos or lions, but the exhibits give lessons on how deforestation and poaching are adversely affecting nature. By opting out of taking cabs or cars and by taking the time to learn about the environment, green travel in the city is a great way to enjoy an urban vacation responsibly.

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