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Thursday, August 18th, 2011

Las Vegas Green Hotel

When you think of "green" and Las Vegas, I am sure dollar signs dance over head. Beyond the sounds of slot machines and dreams of dollar bills raining down from hitting a huge jackpot, the green movement has hit Las Vegas. There are many efforts to become more environmentally friendly in Las Vegas. These efforts include environmentally friendly cabs, buses and several Las Vegas Green hotels.

One of the major innovators in the Las Vegas green hotels movement is the Palazzo Hotel. They are a newer build and are working diligently to get LEED certification. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification is the gold standard in new building design that shows an attention to energy efficiency and liveability. The Palazzo is taking great steps in ensuring their building uses less energy and water to lower their carbon footprint. This work includes using water saving shower heads, energy efficient lighting systems, and building supplies that cut energy consumption.

Beyond the new builds like the Palazzo Hotel, there are several other Las Vegas green hotels that are making efforts to cut their carbon footprint while still maintaining their Las Vegas charm.

The Best Western Parkview Inn has committed to becoming a Las Vegas green hotel by following 21 eco-initiatives that include reducing waste, using energy efficient products, recycling, purchasing activities that are environmentally conscious, sustainable activities, using environmentally friendly cleaning products and on-going maintenance. They are also participating on going efforts to survey and educate their staff about the value of going green.

Another hotel that is actively working to become a Las Vegas green hotel is the Jet Luxury at the Palms Palace. They have committed to follow 19 eco-initiatives in order to reduce their carbon footprint. This includes water conservation, recycling, environmentally friendly cleaning products, using energy efficient products and waste reduction. The Jet Luxury at the Palms Palace has also participated in the on going survey efforts to improve the overall Las Vegas green hotel movement.

Beyond the efforts of many local hotels to become a Las Vegas green hotel, there are several properties that are adding restaurants that cater to green diets like vegan, raw or organic. The Go Raw Cafe offers a wide range of meals that are raw and vegan. For organic offerings, the Canyon Ranch Cafe and Wolfgang Pucks Spring Cafe have an extensive menu that focuses on local and organic products. In Las Vegas you can even find vegan donuts at Ronald's Donuts.

Even with the glitz and glitter of Las Vegas, it is possible to enjoy a stay at a hotel that has "green" in mind. The Las Vegas green hotels have made great strides to cut their carbon footprint without losing any of the glamor or service that Las Vegas is famous for.

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