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Monday, February 7th, 2011

Environmentally Friendly Lodging

The travel industry takes a huge toll on the environment. Between jet airplanes, huge resorts and mass-produced restaurant meals, billions of dollars are spent yearly on energy and water for travel. As the green movement gains momentum, more and more businesses are taking initiative to change their ways and become more eco-friendly.

How Environmentally Friendly Lodging Works

Environmentally friendly lodging does a lot to reduce the global imprint of travel accommodations. At a standard hotel, electricity usage makes up 60 to 70 percent of total utility costs. Environmentally friendly lodging choices employ various practices to reduce this number, such as the use of energy-efficient appliances, water-efficient fixtures, and rules and regulations on water and energy usage.

In addition to helping the environment, guests of environmentally friendly lodging can feel good about what they’re doing to help their health. Since green hotels, motels and rental accommodations eschew the use of toxic pollutants, you can rest assured that you aren’t ingesting these harmful chemicals. Instead, they opt for eco-friendly products whenever possible.

To find environmentally friendly lodging in the area you are visiting, simply search your desired locale here on EcoTripper. We’ll provide you with a list of lodging options that meet our green standards. You’ll not only enjoy comfortable, enjoyable lodging but you’ll also feel good that you are helping the environment by making a responsible choice.

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