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Monday, February 7th, 2011

Environmental Hotels

Environmental hotels boast a variety of different practices that reduce energy and water expenditures as well as solid waste. Hardware such as water-efficient toilets and faucets are generally installed in all hotel rooms, and energy-saving appliances and light fixtures are used. Oftentimes, environmental hotels feature motion-sensor lights for public areas, ensuring they aren’t in use when they’re not needed.

In addition, environmental hotels practice serious recycling practices, helping to significantly reduce their solid waste. They also use products that contain less wasteful packaging, such as eliminating the unnecessary cardboard packaging that is common around travel-size toiletry items.

You can expect to find certain housekeeping instructions at environmental hotels. If you wish to have your sheets changed daily, you simply put a card on your bed. Otherwise, your sheets will be changed and washed every two to three days, depending on your particular requests. Likewise, your towels will be washed daily if you place them on the floor. Otherwise, environmental hotels encourage guests to save water and energy by using them more than once between washings.

Find Environmental Hotels Easily

When you use our search feature here at EcoTripper, it’s easy to find environmental hotels all over the globe. We firmly support all environmental hotels in their initiative to promote sustainable travel. As a result, we donate up to 10 percent of our proceeds to charitable green organizations.

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