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Monday, February 7th, 2011

Eco Vacations

Eco vacations come in a variety of different forms, making it easy to find one that suits your particular tastes. Some eco vacations involve participating in actual environmental projects while on vacation, such as beach cleanups or recycling programs. Other types of eco vacations simply involve bringing your business to environmentally friendly companies. When you opt for green businesses, such as restaurants, lodging accommodation and transport offerings, that employ eco initiatives, you do your part to support a more sustainable world.

You Don’t Have to Sacrifice on Eco Vacations

Vacations should be relaxing, rejuvenating and above all else, fun. Thankfully, eco vacations are all these things. Most green hotels and motels offer the same comfortable and entertaining accommodations as standard lodging choices. The only difference you’ll feel is the knowledge that you are furthering positive initiatives.

Here at EcoTripper, we can help you find green hotels in just about any location you want to travel. The hotels on our site have all been vetted by us; we ensure they comply with green practices. Utilize our easy-to-use search feature to find eco-friendly hotels in specific cities or states.

Oftentimes, eco vacations end up costing travelers less than traditional trips. Green lodging options are expensive to set up initially but cost less to run as they use less energy and water. The result is often savings that are passed down to guests in the form of cheaper prices.

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