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Monday, February 7th, 2011

California Green Hotels

A leader in the green movement, it’s no surprise that the State of California is home to a bevy of environmentally friendly hotels. California green hotels employ a variety of eco-friendly practices, ensuring that their facilities do their part to lessen the lodging industry’s impact on the environment. These progressive hotels save energy and water, and reduce waste via sound recycling programs.

Luxurious California Green Hotels

The idea of California green hotels may conjure up images of bare-bones accommodations. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Green hotels are every bit as luxurious as their standard counterparts; the only difference is behind the scenes as the hotels utilize efficient practices to help the environment in any way possible.

Guests in California green hotels still enjoy all the amenities of standard hotels, and they can feel good about helping the environment while on vacation. Employees of green hotels also benefit from overall healthier working conditions, due to reduced use of poisonous chemicals and toxins. Guests can feel good about that too.

If you are traveling to the Golden State and looking for California green hotels, we here at EcoTripper can help. We have a complete listing of all hotels in California that are wholly compliant with the latest environmental practices. Use our simply search feature to find the green hotel in California that works best for your travel needs.

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