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About Us

Here at EcoTripper we have pinpointed the green hotels that are pioneering green travel practices. "Green travel" — also known as responsible travel, sustainable travel, eco-tourism, and geotourism — is completely redefining the travel industry. Hotels and other tourism companies are living up to the increasing challenge of doing business in an environmentally-friendly, socially-responsible way.

This growing demand has resulted in many hotels — both large and small — implementing green business practices. It is EcoTripper's goal to recognize and promote these green hotels, each striving toward the three main areas of:

  • sustainability
  • environmental protection
  • and socio-cultural responsibility

Sustainable tourism is a new concept in travel leisure and the impacts from it are not permanent or irreversible and do not damage or harm the environment. Thus, as this Green Movement grows, so will! donates up to 10% of its proceeds to the charitable green orgnanizations with which we are partners.

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